Fat Burner Success Stories
Great product!, I have just recently gotten it, but I am seeing results, I have a long way to go, but so far and very happy that product is working and want to thank Matt for taking the time to put me on this product….. and will be ordering more of it. very excited for bigger results once I start exercising. Lily I.

I have lost 10 pounds with the product and did so even while recovering from a back surgery…aka very little exercise. I am pleased! Lauren T.

I am taking a break from the stimulant heavy burners for a while because I don’t always want to feel cracked out! Thermo is nice because while you are amped up, it’s not excessive nor is there a crash. My mood just seems better on it as well. Trevor S.

Normally fat burners increase anxiety, and decrease performance in the bedroom. Not thermogenesis…I’ll just leave it at that! Fred M.

Great product! Wonderful mission as well. If you have any tolerance to fat burners, I would personally say to double dose. That being said, I didn’t experience the “jittery” feeling every other fat burner has which is an annoying side effect. I was able to take this and still operate and have some good lifts while still being able to go to sleep at night. Definitely a A+ product! Kelsey

I tried a sample of this product and noticed results after one day. My appetite was suppressed without feeling unnaturally forced, and I had a rise in energy without a crash towards the end of the day. Immediately went in and bought three bottles. Love this stuff! Nick

I ordered one bottle and was skeptical at first since I have generally been disappointed by other products in the past. I noticed right away that this product would work for me, as I felt better and more eager to start my day. I have lost 9 lbs so far and am thankful to the Vitalize team for creating a clean product that DOES work. Alex S.

Immediately after I started taking Thermogenesis, I noticed a significant change in my mood, energy, and appetite. Unlike with other fat burners I’ve tried, my body didn’t reach a plateau and I continued to see results the longer I took it without increasing dosage. Each and every promise Vitalize makes regarding the product has proven to be true and I am so satisfied. Kameron

I received a sample of these little gems from Matt. I live in Canada so I was a little questionable as to whether it would get to me due to customs. I got them and they were great. Matt was checking to see how I liked them as I had told him I’m very non sensitive to stimulants or fat burners. I really did like them..no jittery feeling…no feeling of impending doom. I felt good and I do believe they helped me drop some fat as well. I would seriously recommend getting even a sample if you’re curious as to how you will react. You’ll love them for sure! Christina

I have been taking this product for two weeks now and I can see a difference in my mood and feel a very clean and healthy energy. I would defiantly recommend this product to anyone. I feel good, motivated, and my energy level feels natural not cracked out. I have almost lost 10lbs with using this product with my normal workouts and clean eating. you will definatly feel your cravings for food will subside. trust me this is the best product! Alanna

I’ve mostly used ephedrine with caffeine. This product was much cleaner, actually felt a slight improvement in mood. Be sure to take on an empty stomach, effects are much greater this way. Would definitely recommend. Greg

My favorite thing and probably the most notable is the appetite suppression. It kicks a punch with the stimulants as well and its a good clean energy. I would 110% recommend this to anyone that needs a little help with controlling appetite. James B.

In the past I’ve tried hydroxycut oxy elite etc etc and have only felt a stim rush. With this product however the energy rush is much “cleaner”, my appetite was suppressed, and there was actually a slight libido increase! Conner H.

I’ve tried about 6 fat burners in the past, mostly thermogenic types, and I’ve never gotten results from them, and more importantly, I’ve had very unpleasant experiences. I had basically decided that fat burners just weren’t for me. However, I was approached about sampling this product, and I figured, why not. I couldn’t be more impressed!!! This is the first time I’ve taken a thermogenic compound and thought ‘hey, this feels great!’ I’m very impressed by the product after the first 2 weeks, and I intend to use it for a longer period of time very soon. I know the ingredients are effective, and I can’t wait to see the body composition changes I’ll be able to achieve with it. Charlie T.

I have tried many other products and I absolutely love this one! I typically sleep very poorly and require a lot of coffee to get myself through the day. After starting Thermogenesis I’m more than able to get through an 11hr work day and work out afterwards without feeling like I’m going to pass out. Best part is that I don’t feel gittery at all. The appetite suppression really does work. With so many different products on the market it can be hard to find the right one, the one that really works, and this one does. Thank you Vitalize team!! Portia F.